Octopus Property complete on £24m acquisition within 4 working days

Octopus Property is proud to announce that it has completed an urgent commercial bridge loan to facilitate the acquisition of a £24m office building within just 4 working days.

The enquiry was received by Justin Cooper from Westley Richards of Buchler Barnett Spencer late last Wednesday, at which point the team began underwriting the deal before instructing Steve Clinning of Howard Kennedy Solicitors early on Thursday morning.

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Bridge rates cut by Octopus Property

Mario BertiIt’s all happening at Octopus Property. Over the past couple of months, we’ve undertaken a detailed review of our entire product range (it must have been fairly detailed as we’ve gone through at least a dozen whiteboard markers).

Why have we done this? Well, our products haven’t been properly reviewed in their entirety since we started trading way back in 2009, so we felt it was high time.

The sector has certainly evolved considerably over the past eight years and so have our borrower’s requirements. So, in order to maintain our best-in-class offering we felt the need to evolve our own product range accordingly.

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The Octopus Property commitment

D'mitriBrokers have always been the bedrock of Dragonfly Property Finance, and I wanted to reiterate today, on Day One of our rebrand, that the very same will apply now that we are Octopus Property.

From a business perspective, it really will be business as usual: brokers should simply carry on speaking to their usual contacts. Our emails and business cards will be different but other than that, it will all be the same. Read more

Pos on Property – September 2016

MarkThus far, in the post-Brexit world, the great house price collapse many predicted simply hasn’t materialised. This was confirmed once again last week with the publication of the Nationwide’s August House Price Index.

In fact, it showed house prices rose by 0.6% in August, with the annual figure nudging up from 5.2% in July to 5.6% last month. The average UK price currently stands at £206,145. Read more

Get your risk right to keep borrowers and investors happy

MarkIt’s hard to believe it but we’re nearly a month on now from the historic EU referendum result. Time flies, you could say, when the political world is in a state of absolute turmoil.

But despite the turmoil and general market nerves, at Octopus Property we’re remaining fundamentally positive. As yet, there are no signs that the economy is imploding and the markets, for now at least, appear to have balanced out.

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In turbulent times, capital preservation is key

MarkIt’s been one hell of a fortnight. In fact, since the result of the EU Referendum came through in the early hours of 24 June, not since the forties have we had a more eventful period in British political history.

Cameron quits, Carney pops up to calm market nerves, FTSE and Sterling plummet, Labour party descends into turmoil, Gove stabs Johnson in the back, markets bounce back, Farage rides off into the sunset, Corbyn hangs in. You couldn’t make it up. Read more